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Clinical Trials

About Our Services

As a global provider of respiratory related services Vitalograph has undertaken clinical trials for many of the world's foremost pharmaceutical companies, biotechs and CROs.

With a 50 year heritage of service in the respiratory field, and through our dedicated and motivated team of professionals, we bring the same commitment to excellence to all our clinical trials services. Our wide range of services includes:

Vitalograph Clinical Trials Team
  • Project management
  • Data management
  • Customization of software and manuals
  • Custom reports
  • Web portals
  • Training of Monitors and Investigators
  • Site visits
  • 24/7 support
  • Translations
  • Protocol review

For respiratory clinical trials requiring electronic data capture (EDC), we provide the Spirotrac Centralized Spirometry and In2itive e-Diary System, the industry-leading integrated spirometer/e-Diary including validated questionnaires, symptom scoring and medication usage. Where EDC is not required we have a range of spirometers to suit every application with paper records for manual entry into CRF.

We also provide full pulmonary function test equipment where Gas Diffusion and Lung Volumes need to be measured, exhaled Nitric Oxide measurements for airways inflammation studies, Pulse Oximetry with 6 Minute Walk Test and Dosimeters and Nebulizers for custom Challenge Test programs with all measurements transferred centrally within a single dataset.