Vitalograph Welcomes New COPD Guidelines


The new COPD Guidelines recently issued by the ACP, ACCP, ATS and ERS highlight the fact that "the use of routine spirometry for patients without respiratory symptoms could lead to unnecessary testing, increased costs, unnecessary disease labeling, and the harms of long-term treatment with no known preventive effect on avoiding future symptoms".

In these challenging economic times unnecessary spirometry testing and long-term treatment exact a heavy toll on global healthcare systems and patients alike. Equally, there is a heavy price to be paid in failing to detect COPD at an early stage where medical intervention can produce better clinical outcomes.

It is exactly this delicate balancing act that the Vitalograph copd-6 seeks to address. By making it possible to quickly, easily and cost effectively case select for screening those asymptomatic people who are at risk of COPD, medical professionals can optimize their overstretched resources and provide better care for their patients.

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