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Vitalograph lung age

Vitalograph lung age

A motivational tool for smoking intervention by healthcare professionals

Smoking is attributed as the main cause of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). COPD is often undiagnosed and untreated in its early stages, especially in smokers.

A key indicator of COPD is a reduced FEV1 compared with predicted FEV1 value. Early identification of a reduction in FEV1 can provide early warning of the damage already suffered by the lungs at the pre-symptomatic stage, when smoking cessation is most effective.

The Vitalograph lung age compares a subject's FEV1 with predicted normal values to calculate the subject's 'lung age'. A high lung age in relation to the subject's chronological age can illustrate the likely negative impact of continued smoking on lung function and encourage smoking cessation.

  • Quick and simple to use
  • Interprets lung age to help illustrate the impact of smoking on the subject's lungs
  • Measures FEV1 and displays FEV1 as a % of predicted values
  • Colour zones indicate abnormality level
  • Automatically calculates the best FEV1 from multiple blows

Vitalograph lung age

Technical Data
Product Vitalograph lung age
Model Number 4000
Part Number 40500
Parameters Displayed lung age, FEV1 and % predicted
lung age Indicator Yes
Quality of Blow Indicator Yes
Accuracy Better than +/- 3%
Range 0 - 9.99 L BTPS
Sensor Stator rotor
Flow Impedance Better than 0.15 kPa/L/s at 14 L/s
Power Supply AAA batteries
Display Custom Liquid Crystal Display
Size 113 x 63 x 48mm
Weight 55g
Operating Temperature 17 - 37°C
Cleaning Alcohol wipe, especially the mouthpiece, weekly
Disposal Methods Recycle
Performance standard ATS/ERS Guidelines 2005
Safety Standards EN ISO 6061-1:2005 -1 -2 -4
Medical Safety Standard Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC1993
Designed and manufactured to following QA/GMP standards ISO 13485:2003
FDA 21CFR820