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New range of collapsible Vitalograph ResusBag comes in three sizes: adult, child and infant. All have 360 degree patient valve for left or right handed use.

The autoclaveable ResusBag is made of high quality silicone and polysulphone. It can be autoclaved (up to 134°C) except the O2 Reservoir and O2 feed line which are disposable.

The disposable ResusBag is low-cost vinyl BVM for single use, with good feel and recoil.

All come standard with mask and O2 Reservoir & line. All ResusBags conform to ANSI EN ISO 10651-4:2002.

  • Adult, child and infant sizes
  • Disposable or autoclaveable models
  • Mask
  • O2 Reservoir & line included
  • All conform to ANSI EN ISO 10651-4:2002


Technical Data
Product Autoclaveable ResusBag & Blue ResusBag
Model Number 2200
Size 146 x 146 x 308mm (Adult)
Weight 495g net
Max Frequency 85 BPM
Stroke Volume 900 ml (Adult)
Holding Volume 1600 ml (Adult)
Patient Connection 15/22mm (ISO 5356)
Operating Temperature Range -20 to 50 C
Storing Temperature Range -40 to 60 C
Cleaning Autoclaveable at 134 C, Cold liquid
Blue ResusBag: Dispose
Power Source Manual
Oxygen Concentration O2 Supply (l/min)
Breathing Frequency
Inflation Volume
- with reservoir
- without reservoir
3 5 10
12 12 12
500ml 500ml 500ml
68% 85% 95%
34% 47% 66%
Performance Standards ISO 8382
Safety Standards CE Mark
Designed and manufactured to following QA/GMP standards CE 0086
ISO 13485:2003
FDA 21CFR820
Manufactured by Vitalograph (Ireland) Ltd.
Gort Road Industrial Estate
Co Clare
Republic of Ireland