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Resuscitation, Suction and Intubation Outfits

Resuscitation, Suction and Intubation Outfits

The Vitalograph Resuscitation, Suction & Intubation outfit ensures that you are instantly ready with the right equipment to establish and maintain a patent airway in a respiratory arrest victim.

This resuscitation outfit is for trained personnel who know how to intubate, clear and maintain an airway before using a ResusBag with mask to achieve ventilation in the victim.

All the contents are ready for instant use and are displayed for simple selection.

The robust case is brightly marked with a clear indication of the contents.

  • For medical specialists trained in intubation
  • Case layout displays everything ready to use
  • Single use or autoclaveable ResusBag
  • Emergency aspirator
  • Oropharyngeal airways, size 1, 2, 3
  • Laryngoscope with two blades

Resuscitation, Suction and Intubation Outfits

Technical Data
Product Resuscitation, Suction & Intubation Outfits
Model Number 2400
Size 500 x 370 x 125mm
Weight 3.6 kg net
Contents Adult, Child and infant ResusBag with masks and O2 Reservoirs Emergency Aspirator with 9mm catheter Guedel Airways - 1,2 & 3 Laryngoscope Handle & Blades (Nos. 1 & 3 Mackintosh) Heavy Duty Scissors otracheal Tubes (sizes 7, 8, 8.5, 9mm, cut to length) 10 ml syringe (disposable to inflate ET Tubes)
Case Material Polypropylene
Case Lining Polyurethane open cell foam
Operating Temperature Range -20° to 50°C
Cleaning Alcohol wipe clean
Power Source Manual
Performance Standards On individual items
Safety Standards CE Mark
Designed and manufactured to following QA/GMP standards CE 0086
ISO 13485:2003
FDA 21CFR820
Manufactured by Vitalograph (Ireland) Ltd.
Gort Road Industrial Estate
Co Clare
Republic of Ireland